Recover your failing subscription payments

3x better than default Stripe options. Free forever

$2275 MRR recovered (last week) for fast growing SaaS startups like..

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But doesn't Stripe do this for me already?

I am glad you asked ..

Stripe Default Profitbox
Not enough retries Retry card payment smartly multiple times
Can not customise emails sent to customers Custom emails with your branding
Poorly built email nudges Optimised for 3x conversions
"e.g. direct payment link in email"
Only email nudges In-app reminders & Whatsapp nudges
"via Profitbox premium (in beta)"
No easy way to find failure reasons Find out why card payment failed

Classcard recovered $770 of subscription revenue within 2 days! Can't believe I used to manually reach out to customers if their card payment failed..

Suraj Talreja
Co-Founder & CEO at Classcard

Say no to revenue collection hassles

No more losing 15% MRR every month to credit card failures. Or losing hair trying to collect pending invoices.

Auto retry payment

Before emailing customers, we always retry payments in the background via Stripe API.

Multiple, timely, personalised email nudges to customers

If a customer payment fails, we send them a sequence of nudges to update their billing info. No setup required.

In-app & Whatsapp reminders

In beta for premium plans..

Frequently asked questions

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How do you email customers?
When, and if, a customer payment fails, we start our email reminder sequence. By default we send them 3 email reminders..
What can I customise?
Everything! Email timings, email content and also where you would like to point the customer to take action.
Can you show my customer offers based on their cancellation reason?
Yes, that's coming soon! Buzz us for details..
Can you notify me when customers are about to churn?
Yes that requires a Segment / Mixpanel integration .. which is something we might do based on customer demand
How many days of failed payments do you support?
By default we will retry and try to recover failed payments of past 30 days. We can customise this for you, though!
Do you check if subscription is active before nudging customers?
Yes we do! Customers are never bothered without a valid reason